Faffin about

After our trip to Paris we were exhausted and allowed ourselves to sleep in. Our manager from the ship Annabel now works at Legoland in Windsor, and we decided to head there for a visit!

The drive was about 45 minutes. She works as guest experience manager at the Legoland Windsor hotel. She was at the doors greeting us when we arrived. We were amazed at the intricate Lego theme through out the hotel – it was tiny about four floors but so awesome! She gave us free passes for the park.

The park is made for young children but we still really enjoyed it. First ride we did was Atlantis where you sat in a submarine and rode through an aquarium. Next we walked over to mini land. It has Lego replicas of all the places we’ve seen this vacation. So cool! It even has the nasa space center in Florida which I thought was random.

Next ride we went on was a sky ride that took us for a tour over the mini land. Next we walked through a Lego Star Wars exhibit. Right as we started I said to Lauren I don’t like it in here it’s dark and I feel like I’m gonna trip. Two seconds later I tripped and broke my flip flop. I walked through the rest of the exhibit shoeless. When I got out Lauren tried to fix it with a hair elastic. That lasted 3 seconds. We found a store that sold flip flops but obviously couldn’t find a pair in my size. I ended up buying an ugly pair of flip flops for 14 pounds that were a size to small. Lauren was like why do these things only happen to you!?

We then went on legolands biggest roller coaster. It was a good time. We met up
With Annabel after her shift ended. She gave us a tour of the hotel, each floor has a different theme.

We then ate at the hotels restaurant. We got Lego shaped fries for the table and I got chicken taziki skewer thing. The English love their curry, which is so strange to me. After the restaurant we drove into Windsor and went to tesco for a bit. Then I saw the Windsor castle!! The queen was in because they raise a certain flag when she is there. We had so much fun with Annabel we couldn’t stop laughing. We fell right back into and we couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen each other in 18 months! On the drive home I was talking to Lauren how Annabel was only on the ship for 5 weeks and it’s amazing how close we are with each other. Being back on land gives you much better perspective into ship life. 5 weeks at a land job would not create the friendship our ship job did.

The next day was an early morning to head to a place called Thorpe park which is an amusement park. We went with Lauren’s boyfriend and his friend tom. We had a fun day riding various roller coasters. It’s a lot like six flags. Some of the coasters were really intense! It ended up being a really nice day. We’ve really lucked out with weather!

We came back to James house to get ready to go out. He ordered Chinese food and I couldn’t believe how different it was from American Chinese. The only menu similarities I found were boneless spare ribs and chow mein. We ordered Kung po chicken, crispy chili beef, prawn toast, prawn crackers and egg fried rice. The prawn toast was like sesame toast stuffed with prawn filling, I didn’t really like it. The prawn crackers I loved, I have no idea how to explain them it’s like a airy chip, google it you’re interested.

We then got dressed to head out to the clubs in south Hampton. We had a good time there was a lot of American music at every place we went, more American than English. The English love the techno pretend Spanish music, it was hilarious. It was weird to be amongst 18 year olds (that is the drinking age in England). We had a good time! Today were heading back to Lauren’s house to have dinner with her family, we will relax there for the rest of the weekend !


South Hampton and Paris !

After London we slept in for a bit :). Once we got dressed we headed out to ASDA , a store kind if comparable to walmart. I enjoyed that (obviously). The drive was about an hour- and I love driving through the back roads of England. Through the hills and trees and tiny weird highways. The funniest part about England is you’ll be driving for miles through curvy winding back roads. You won’t see a single convenience store or gas station. But you will see a pub. Cute little pubs almost every five miles. Even in Lauren’s small neighborhood they only thing in walking distance is a pub. I don’t know how these pubs survive in the middle of farm lands without even any houses near by but it seems to work!

We arrived at a shopping center in south Hampton. The center is pretty close to the water and I could see a few cruise ships! There is a store all the nursery girls used to talk about called Primark It’s comparable to forever 21 – super super cheap clothes and Accessories. Here I got a Big Ben shirt and some English socks. Made for some cheap souvenirs! We walked around the shops some more until it was time to head back.

Lauren took me to the pub where she used to live and work. We got drinks and sat in the garden. The pub was so big , it had three levels and she told me she lived on the top. So English!

From there we went to met our old ship friend Lou. She was our nursery manager, and her and Lauren now work together. It was so fun for the three of us to be together. I was so happy to see her and we talked ship gossip most of the time. I love that I can go almost anywhere in the world and meet up with people from the ship :).

We came home and got packed for our Paris adventure! We went to bed at 1130 and had to wake up at 3 am to get to our train that left from London at 540. So running on a few hours of sleep and having such a Long day ahead of us worried us a bit. Driving through London as such an early hour (4 am). I got see lots of parts I hadn’t seen initially. We did so many of the tourist bits the day before I didn’t see the “real” London – where the people actually live and work. I recognized a few places from the movie Parent Trap :).
I also saw Harrods, as we drove through Chelsea. It was so so beautiful!

We arrived at St. Pancras station. We had to go through customs and security. We took the euro star, which was about 2 1/2 hour ride. Beautiful views of England and Paris. We were nervous about navigating our way around Paris, neither of us able to speak French. We knew we had to take the metro to the office of the tour bus we wanted to take. We did really well with that, switching over two lines and when we walked out of the metro the office was right there! When we first stepped onto the metro a man was playing the accordion… It couldn’t of gotten any more French.

The bus we bought tickets to was called LE open tour. A double decker bus that makes 50 stops in Paris and you can hop on and off whenever you want to. We first accidentally hopped on a line we didn’t want to take first. The yellow line, which brought us all through the heart of the city . Which ended up being pretty awesome because we saw so many things without getting off the bus. The bus is also equipped with headphones so you get a lovely audio tour while your driving around. We saw things like moulin rouge, opera house , and lots of other really old buildings.

We then got on the right track and hopped on over to the green line. The first stop we got off at was the Lourve. So many people there!!! Such a gorgeous place and it was so huge!!! Lauren’s tourist book gave us a tip on a secret entrance and we didn’t have to wait in the absurd line which saved us so much time. When we first got there we did a really tourist thing and pAid 1.50 € for the bathroom. We knew that there had to be free bathrooms around but we couldn’t take it we had to go so bad!!! It costs us 12 € to get into the museum which was disappointing but we had to see the Mona Lisa . The Lourve is so huge and filled with so much art we didn’t even see a fourth of it . You can probably spend two days there just soaking in all the art. We saw two major things Mona Lisa and Venus de milo.

Next stop was the lock bridge! We bought locks from a street vendor and Lauren and I both wrote our names and our boyfriends names on the lock and found a nice spot on the bridge and threw the keys! It was so to do it’s something I’ve always wanted to do!

We then stopped at Norte dame – which was stunning . We got a baguette sandwich and ate it on the street with a view of Norte dame and we couldn’t of been happier. This sandwich was SO tasty .

During our trip to Paris Lauren and I were HYPER aware of our surroundings. Being real conscious of being pick pocketed. We didn’t allow ourselves to be relaxed and kept a constant hand our baggage. (Which was so tiny we traveled very very light) we never ran into trouble, or witnessed any trouble thank goodness !

We drove by the arc de triumphs. Decided not to get off the bus cuz we had a wonderful view of the arc right from the bus!

Next stop was Eiffel Tower ! It was amazing to pull up to it and see it in real life. Of course the bottom was under renovation so you couldn’t look up it. But it was amazing none the less. Park around it was very un impressive. We spent some time there in the grass but it was honestly just Nothing.

Our last stop was Sacre croux. Amazing amazing building. Lots and lots of stairs and wonderful gardens and fountains. Beautiful views of Paris skyline. We got street crepes here and split a Brie cheese baguette . It really doesn’t get better than that.

We took metro back to the station where Lauren got smooshed in the doors and I almost lost her she screamed for me and I pulled her into the train.

Every part of Paris is gorgeous . There’s not a new and a old part . It’s all old and every building is just built with such detail. Like in other major cities there are usually 2 or 3 landmarks that are old and have beautiful Architecture but for Paris it’s literally every single building ! What a break taking city.

Train ride back was beautiful watching the sunset over hills of Paris and then hills of England. It was a 22 hour day but we enjoyed every second!


Today was most exciting part of the trip yet -London! We woke up around “half seven” left the house and drove an hour to Lauren’s “nan” and “granddads”. After spending some time there eating toast we walked to the train station called stoneleigh. Let me tell you when they say mind the gap they actually mean it . The gap is large but inside the train is pretty great. There’s small handles on top of seats to make it easy for people to move about. And in the standing areas there are a bum cushion to lean against . It’s the little things really.

We got off at Waterloo station. Walked outside and there was the London eye! We had already bought tickets so we just hopped right on. Lauren also got us fast pass tickets so we skipped the line! We got into our pod and began our adventure over the city! It was really cool to see an aerial view of London!

When we got off the eye we walked over the west minster bridge- right up to Big Ben. The streets have signs painted on the ground to tell you where to look when crossing the road – it’s so hard to get the hang of . Then we walked over to west minster abbey. One thing I noticed about London is that women wear sneakers in their work attire. Nylons dresses and sneakers Lauren says they change before they go into work . It was so strange to see .

Then from there we walked to a couple of squares. We saw some guards walking around- which I assumed was changing of the guards … They didn’t have red coats or furry hats I was told that was for special occasions. Horse guard parade led us to beautiful park which is how we walked to bucking ham palace . Tourists everywhere! Pretty cool to see and I was so amazed at how close and walkable every attraction was.

We then were starving and went on a hunt for a place that yelp said had the best fish and chips. We are outside under a tent next to a couple that ended up being from Boston – who were very familiar with Dartmouth. Small world. Our fish and chips cost us about 18 pounds. They were so tasty. The place is supposedly world famous and rightfully so. Thanks yelp! We then found a place with macaroon filled with gelato . We tried that so tasty! Then sat at the next bakery we saw we had the funniest sarcastic French waiter .

From there I found an English grocery store marks and Spencer’s . It was so posh. I had a ball!! Then we figured out the bus system and took about 35 minute bus ride to London bridge. It has aqua accents so I especially loved it. When I saw the London bridge it made it so real .

Funny things about to London – some parts are SO old and some parts are SO new. Modern modern buildings right next to buildings that were hundreds of years old. In turn everything is under construction .

Getting around is so easy! We bought a travel card that got us on the train, the tube and even the red double decker buses! It’s brilliant!

Every inch is under security cameras. You look anywhere and you literally see 8 security cameras. Streets , parks , buses and trains . You’re being watched. Police were only evident in front of big landmarks – but not really anywhere else! I felt much safer than I originally thought I would .

Tipping is optional. If you tip- it’s only if the server did an excellent job and then it’s only 10 % tip!

We saw the whole city in six hours! Exhausting but wonderful!

Hopping Across the Pond

I’ve recently embarked on my first journey to Europe! Lauren my english friend from the ship came to visit me and now I have gone home with her. I Filled her trip with the most we could, including Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Providence and even NYC! We are certainly tired from our American portion of the trip, its nice to be here now.

Our flight left at 1045 at night but it was delayed. Which meant we spent extra time in the airport and extra time on the plane when we landed. 9 hour plane ride… it was horrible. But it was the first time I was served meals on the plane. I got pasta dinner which was tasty and a croissant for breakfast. When we arrived to London it was about 11 am. Lauren’s boyfriend and her boyfriends friend picked us up. It was hard for us to fit our luggage into the tiny english car. Driving on the wrong side of the road was an adjustment for me. Seeing all the english version of American cars was hilarious. It took us about an hour to get home from the airport. I was excited to fly into Healthrow airport although I didn’t see much of it.

Lauren’s parents are on holiday so we have the house to ourselves for the week which is nice. I love her house. She lives in a place called Hampshire. The roads are so tiny here and everything is very hilly. She has a lovely back garden ( backyard). One problem is she has 3 kitties, and I’m highly allergic. The house is decorated so cute, and it feels so English. Lauren had me tea and crumpets, I really tried to like tea but I just cant. The crumpets she served with butter. Her stove has a toaster built in, just for crumpets. The fridge is small and behind a cupboard. Everything in general is smaller here. The freezer and laundry is in a separate room you have to go outside to get to. They have built this great glass sun room that is super nice. The garden is built on a hill. It has two separate patios in the hill and everything is super private.

The first day I was here we relaxed a bunch and then went grocery shopping. I enjoyed seeing all the English groceries, American versions of some of the products. I Got a lot of tasty things, digestives. cadbury chocolate, mullen yogurt, pretzels and hummus, cornish pasties. My grocery shopping cost me 15 pounds. Most credit cards here have chips in them and you insert them rather than swipe. So at a cash register it takes a while and they actually really check your signature. My first meal Lauren made me was a collection of things found in her freezer, potato pancakes, fish and prawn cakes and chicken. Lauren got crisps ( chips) at the store, prawn flavoured .Which sounded so disgusting to me but when I actually ate them they were so tasty! On the way home we stopped for gas and when Lauren went in the store to pay the man said your friend in the car looks really tired. Hahaha We watched American TV and went to bed early.

Woke up this mornin at 11 am. Which means I got 13 hours of sleep. We hung around and she made me a scone which had clotted cream, jam and strawberry on it. It was so delicious. We took a walk around the neighbourhood. The roads are small and kind of scary to walk, we also walked a foot path. It is so pretty out here in the country of England. All the houses were very english, all cottage like. There is a bar down the road I hope to get to soon. The funniest part is that none of the houses have addresses. Each house has a name, which is how to distinguish between each. Laurens house name is Rosebank, I don’t understand how that works when your giving someone directions Lauren said it is quite difficult.

London tomorrow and I cant wait!!!

English words I’ve learnt :
Lay-by : small parking spot off the road
Holiday – vacation
Petrol- Gas
Hen Party: Bachelorette
Cinema- movies
Flannel – Wash Cloth

We’ve Moved!

So I’ve decided to make this blog strictly about my baking and cooking endeavors!!! If you still want to follow my Disney Adventures- Please click here- For this is the only place you can read them now!!!

If you want to know what It’s like to live, work, on a ship. Or even work for Disney, or work as a Nursery Counselor, it doesn’t get better than this!

Life on the Sea as a Mouse! 

Smitten with the Mitten

Recently I traveled to Michigan to visit family out there. I had such a wonderful time I would like to share with everyone! I had an extremely long lay over time and travel day, and that was Exhausting!! But I finally made it to Holland Michigan at 728 p.m. after leaving my house at 730 that morning. My cousin chris picked me up and it was very weird because he has a grown up job, and his own apartment  and the last time we really spent time together was in high school in the marching band. haha. (since he went to college in Ohio).

The next morning Chris left me a note and I was left to explore holland on my own. He lives four miles away from downtown, and I had no idea where I was going but I was determined to be a good traveler and find it all on my own!!! I rode into town crossing a highway, train tracks and everything else  I stopped and took pictures along the way. Holland is known for its tulips, but obviously no tulips were in bloom. This was the first time ever I visited Michigan in the Fall.

So it was really  cool to see all the nice foliage. I locked up my bike to a rack, and then roamed around. I met my cousin for lunch at the cutest little cafe EVER. I got a toasted chicken salad sandwich, and apple cider donut. Except they forgot my apple cider donut at first and then gave me THREE for the mistake. I mean come on people, I was trying to be somewhat good. hahaha.

The cafe had antique tables and chairs, all mismatched and just had the best atmosphere. I then spent the afternoon going into all the shops downtown had to offer. Downtown Holland is the CUTEST downtown I have EVER been too. Everything is so kept up, clean and charming. There was not a tacky store in sight, or dirty, everything was just so cute and classy. Here are somethings I came across downtown.

Hope College is located in Holland, and as I walked from store to store I was asked twice if I was a student there. I felt so awesome, and was flattered people still thought I was a student.Holland also even has a fireplace on the sidewalk in their downtown area. how presh!!!

For dinner we drove to my aunts house in South Haven where I spent the next night. We had a lovely chicken dinner and then, spent some time with family. I made blue and yellow jello shots for the upcoming game!

Friday morning I spent with my grandfather. He is such a funny man and I was excited to get to spend some one on one time with my G-papa. He is a business man, and never stops of thinking of business, he showed me all his business adventures, and how he’e made all his deals, and all the houses he’s built. The morning I was there he had a friend looking at cars for him in Pennsylvania  so that was exciting for him as well.

We drove around South Haven, my favorite town, where my mother grew up. It was weird to see it in the off season.

We visited my Aunt Emmy, and went to My moms houses she grew up in as a child.

We went to my grandparents old house, one I have great memories of as a child. He also had an antique mall on the property, which is still up and running by someone else and it was very cool to go here as well.

We then went to his new business venture, which is a storage area that he has renovated and made beautiful! He has a little office inside of it as well, with many antiques, and when we were leaving he said hold on one second I just need to clean the place, and whips out this old, old vacuum, that actually works!

We then had lunch at McDonald’s  where he goes everyday and they even know his order there and usually have it ready when he walks in. I mean it can’t get any more precious. We had a lovely day and I am so happy I got to spend quality time with my Grandpa!

After my time with G-papa My aunt and I headed to Detroit to pick up my mom from the airport.We walked around Ann Arbor eating fro yo and buying michigan apparel for game day. Chris met up with us later in the night, and then we seperated with parents. We decided that we needed rain gear because the game day forecast was rain. I wanted to go get boots from the local store, we went around 12 am and turns out our parents were there too. That was pretty funny running into them, I have size 11 feet, so the cute michigan boots didn’t fit me. the only thing in my size were “Tingley Rubbers” which were rubber outsides that went over my shoes.


Saturday morning was game day and was we expected the weather was crappy. Light rain and a little bit chilly. My mom and Aunt Coleen arrived looking as nerdy as ever. It was pretty funny. We set up the “tailgate” which was inside, sloppy Joes, fruit, chips, dips, all the good stuff. We indulged in jello shots, peppermint patty shots, rum and orange juice, and I promptly threw up. I rallied though and soon enough we headed out to the game. We all had poncho’s and I greatly appreciated the beauty of the poncho, they are just an awesome invention. We walked through tail gate parties, where my mother was hit on. (ew). Came across the drum-line outside the stadium and followed them into the stadium. That was fun, and made me miss colorguard.


It was homecoming weekend at University of Michigan. At the beginning the had all winning University of Michigan Olympians on the field, that was cool, and the alumni band and cheerleaders which was just funny.  We had awesome seats, and we danced and just had a great time at the game. There is a lot of traditional things they do at the game that was cool to see. My favorite was the slow motion wave. Whenever Michigan scored the student section would pick up the smallest girl next and hoist them up and down for every point. The score was 40 something to zero, so I am sure it got very tiring for them.


We were so exhausted from the day- drinking, standing, in the freezing rain for hours and hours on end. That night instead of going to the bars me and my cousins just layed on Erika’s bed and just chatted about life, and it was just as fun.


On Sunday we walked around Ann Arbor, and ate food, like Jimmy Johns subs, they were pretty cheap and yes, they do make them quick. Insomnia cookies, whats better? I saw a lot of the U of M campus, and Erika and I did silly things that we read from a book when we were out shopping. That night we went to the movies and I got the student discount because I still have my BSC ID ( I will be using that thing for years to come because it has no date on it of when I attended school). We saw trouble with the curve, and we loved it. JT was so AWESOME in it.


Monday I woke up and walked the neighborhood. I took pictures of almost every fraternity house I could find because I have such a fascination for them, I think they are so awesome, sorority houses as well. I loved exploring it by myself and finding my way through town. Later in the evening Erika and I went shopping and then decided to go out for the night. We went to local grocery store, and there was one of those mechanical horses and it was ONLY A PENNY. Its name was Sandy so I wanted to ride it really bad, I couldn’t believe it was only a penny. I took a picture on it and my cousin put in a penny, as soon as she put in the penny this woman came over to us and said “excuse me there is a 65 pound weight limit on that, you’re going to burn the motor out.”I was SO UPSET! My cousin said “well its a good thing she’s only 64 pounds!” hahaha. Later that night  ee went to a college bar called Charley’s. Unfortunately it was just the pub menu at this time, so we got pub food and a really cool drink called “The Bubbling Cauldron”. It was served in a huge mason jar, like HUMONGOUS and it was bubbling because there was dry ice in it. We loved it and it was super tasty. We then went to another bar, which had three dollar you call its, so basically every drink was three dollars and we took it upon ourself to try every drink we could. Cinnamon Toast Crunch which was made with Rum Chata, I love rum chata :). Dirty Bong Water, which was pretty tasty, White Gummy Bear, Superman, Key Lime Pie, Some sort of lime green and blue bomb that I didn’t like too much. We then went home and picked up paint to paint the rock! There is a rock on campus that gets painted almost every night and Erika and I decided that we needed to paint it as well. We had so much fun painting it and were laughing the entire time.



We decided to put Lindz and Erika “Were the two best twins that anyone could ever have” G-mama, Jay, an Anchor, 2012, And our states. We thought the rock looked really awesome, and I got paint everywhere. The next morning we went to go check out our rock and we put too much paint on it so almost all the words dripped down, but it was still sort of readable. We headed to lunch to the Famous Zingerman’s, where they filmed the five year engagement. They make their own bread, cheese, meat, so everything is like organic and unprocessed, which means one sandwich is fourteen dollars. But it has a really cool atmosphere, and the sandwiches cant be beaten so it was worth it.




Every time my cousin and I are together we buy underwear and then write memories on it from the trip. This time we got halloween underwear, and we wrote on it in the parking lot of McDonald’s outside the Airport.

This trip made me learn a lot about myself by spending time with the other side of my family. I am a lot like my Aunt Coleen, more than I have realized in years past. She loves to entertain, and have guests, and just by the way she set up the tail gate it was exactly how I would of have done it. I think we both take pleasure in throwing fun events and planning and decorating for them as well. My cousin Erika and I are more alike than we realize, we have the same taste, some of the same clothes, and pretty much the same life.


It was such a wonderful trip and it was fun to see Michigan in the Fall and spend some time with the other side of my family that I rarely get to see! I hope they can come visit me in MA sometime soon!

Fun day with Science

….said no one…ever. UNLESS. You have been to the Boston Science Museum. Then a fun day with Science is almost guaranteed. Heres how the story starts- Lindsey surfing the web late at night instead of reading, like I should be doing- on the Library website to renew the book for the second time that I have finished the other two times, because I have been spending too much time on the computer… anyways, found out you could get the library passes ONLINE. great. I also got the discount library passes to different places with the kids, but never for myself. Why not try for one? Whats the harm? So I tried for the day pass to Boston Science Museum. and… I got it! So exciting!

Everyone should check their local library every so often, not enough people do and it is literally such a great resource for everything. They have so many free events all the time for children and adults, on my library website you can download free music! Rent movies, rent CDs and then upload them to your itunes, and never pay for music again. I mean cmon people lets rediscover the magic of libraries. like Matilda did, and look she turned out to have super power. So it cant hurt to try.

Our admission was reduced to seven dollars for each person for up too four people, for a family, that can save you a BUTT load of money. When I used the library pass for me and my three kids, we went with another family only two kids one adult, and they payed double what we payed. P.S. my library even has a free beach pass… who knew?

So I grabbed my partner in crime. My fellow sort of unemployed cousin- we both have schedules right now with usually unset hours. She drove to boston because she just bought new car, and off we went. The Museum was surpassingly easy to get to right off the exit. When we got to the Museum it was DEAD. It was wonderful!! September a great month to visit because there were NO field trips going on, and since it was a thursday children were in school. I am really enjoying the freedom of it all. I only work MWF’s, so that leaves me with Tuesdays and Thursdays, since my days are limited, I am trying to live up every day.

Now I have not been to this museum since second grade so I was really excited to go. I have very fond memories of this field trip with my beloved second grade teacher. In the lobby the stair case is a PIANO.! YOu go up and down the stairs and each stair is a different key. For 22 year olds we spent far too much time on the stair case, I was just trying to play mary had a little lamb, but decided it was impossible after ten minutes of exhaustive running up and down, splits and skipping stairs.

Before we went into the actual Museum, we decided to have lunch at the Museum Cafe. The Cafe has so many options to pick from I could not believe it. Complete with Salad Bar! So this paleo/ cave woman was happy. The view was incredible from the dining area, right on the Charles River, with a great view of Boston’s sky scrapers. There is something about fall in the city that I love. I think its because it is the perfect temperature for city walking, and the foliage is beautiful and boston is just such a green city were there are many trees to appreciate the seasons and weather. I clicked a pic of our view, can you see the paddle boarder?

The first room we went into was all models. What I loved about this Museum is yes, it was kid friendly, but also made for adults, the challenges they had, were difficult and it took me a while to get most of them, mostly because I wouldn’t read through directions.But I mean I learned about nanotechnology and how they are going to use it to cure cancer, (hopefully because cancer sucks). We had a lot of fun solving the different challenges, such as making sure disease didnt spread to my fish I was breeding, guessing items, diagnosing patients with cancer using CT scans, x rays, stopping the spread of cancer, lifting 500 pounds, guessing scents ( my favorite and expertise, my friends call me a blood hound) categorizing shells, and sneaking through the forest to hid from birds.

We stumbled upon this electricity room which was was happening to just start a show as we walked in. This show emitted electricity to music, it was so strange yet so cool, like purple lightening bolts making music. Sarah volunteered, and the man rubbed a balloon on her head and made static electricity. Her hair shot right up. It was also funny because she was broadcasted on huge T.V.s either side. I could not stop laughing and clicking pics of her. Here are a few:



After that, we found a HURRICANE machine, you know the kind you see in the mall, which I thought we would for sure have to pay extra for, but NO! So awesome, it reached up to 78 miles per hour winds, not something I would wanted to experience in real life but simulated it was awesome. We laughed and laughed.


I think the thing I was most amazed about was the Dinosaur bones. Like they found an ENTIRE dinosaur bones in the earth, and I was standing next to it. I just couldn’t fathom how old the bones were, and how cool it was to like see a Dinosaur  up close, Can’t be real that those creatures actually used to roam the planet. Blows my mind! They also had a metal structure of a Dinosaur  that since nobody was around, I decided to climb into, it made me feel pretty cool. hahahaha. I am so happy however Dinosaurs are extinct, and I am not a prey for dinosaur. Just their feet are HUGE!



We wrapped up the day, and headed to Boston College! Our mutual friend is attending BC  graduate program for nursing, and she is also an RA with a nice room! It was weird being on a college campus again, its always an adjustment  and watching her and her room mate do homework made me realize how much i DON’T miss the stress of college, and homework, my life just has so much freedom now I am really learning how to enjoy every moment of it. We watched the Premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. Seriously. NINE seasons Grey’s has been doing this to me. NINE. It was such an emotional episode, and I definitely do not agree with what has happened to a lot of the characters.

Being a tourist in our own state was a great time. I think it is very important to travel, even if its only 20, 3o miles away. As I grow older I am finding more things located around me that I had no idea existed. I am taking this time that I was given and trying to enjoy every moment of it, while getting projects done, traveling, and spending time with family.

Perfect summer day!!

Summer is coming to a close, and this makes me incredibly depressed. Trying to live up my last few days and squeeze in as many summer activities as possible.

Saturday night I went to the fray and Kelly clarkson concert with my best friend. Had fro yo and then went to some place called like 10149 or something and it was pretty expensive but there was a happy hour going on and we got FOUR appetizers they were all five dollars, and we felt like the fat king and queen who just have course after course brought to them.

We then drove to the concert which was at the Comcast center in Mansfield and I loved that venue. All outside but some parts are covered. Carolina liar opened and they were really really good. I need to download more of their songs. Before the concert i downloaded the set list in order and put it on my iPod so we could listen to the whole concert all the way there. All of the sudden Kelly clarkson was on stage and she did so great. It was so cool to actually see people who could perform live. The fray which I think was my favorite of the night was also great. They played such amazing songs!

After the concert we ate left over pizza in traffic and stopped at the 24 hour Walmart on the way home the one I used to frequent in college because it was right next to my school. That made me a bit nostalgic.

The next day I went sailing with my uncle. What is so special about sailing with my uncle is that he got this boat for free and fixed it up over the course of a year and made it sail-able. So not every trip is a perfect sail, but it’s ALWAYS an adventure.

This was the first time that I was going to sail, previously I had only sat in the harbor. Sailing today was my uncle joe, cousins Paul and christine and their friend Tony. We set out to catch the 3pm bridge it only opens every hour on the hour, and we made it! Out on the open sea we sailed along perfectly, I was very afraid of sea sickness, but it never happened. We sailed by the local town beach and waved to my parents who were just specs on the beach. We decided to swim!! No need to anchor we just wanted to jump in. I was SO afraid to jump in for some reason, maybe it was the recent great white shark attack or the fact that I just watched shark week, but after two tries I JUMPED IN. when I was mid air it was the best feeling knowing that I was about to do it!! We got up on the boat and jumped again, and this time did a lap around the boat, which sounds easy but was so hard because the boat is very long and was not anchored. Their friend tony slipped and fell on the boat and when ever i think about how he almost went overboard I laugh out loud. We ate lunch and headed back to shore and made the 6 o clock bridge back.

Came home and had pizza at the house with the kids and then headed out to get ice cream with Bertha. I wanted to go to this one place because I saw caramel caribou cookie dough on the menu once. It is 3.99 just for a small..pretty disgusting considering in high school me and berths frequented dock side for dollar cones of cotton candy ice cream. But I knew it was too good to be true when the ice cream HAD NO COOKIE DOUGH. I went up and asked where the cookie dough was hahaha and she said there is two kinds and she would give me a scoop of the other one.. She gave me PEANUT BUTTER SWIRL..I hate peanut butter so this was just bad all around. Decided to save the night by going to Pam’s hotel to swim in the pool…one of my favorite activities.

I now have now have one full week of work left and then off to finding a real world job…..



Just a Perfect Day

I know Ive switched this over from my college blog to my crafts, DIY, do pinterest recipes really work blog, but I just need to to talk about this MARVELOUS day I had.

I went to Martha’s Vineyard and it was just so PICTURE PERFECT.

So woke up, and ate my three different kind of cereals, and headed to Alyssa’s house from there we New Bedford so we could take the New Bedford Ferry. It was wonderful. My cousin works at the Fairfield Inn so we got a parking pass from there and parked there for free, short walk to the ferry where we had tickets reserved, hopped on this wonderful ferry that was not packed at all, and we got lots of space and a table even!

Ferry ride over was beautiful, we drank mimosas that we snuck on and that made it all the better.

We got off the boat and Alyssa’s brother Jack was waiting for us at the dock and took us to the boat that Alyssa’s parents had parked in the harbor.

When we got  to Alyssa’s Family boat, Cracker Jack’s, we took the dinghy to the beach! Laid out on the beach and it was the most precious wonderful day.

We waited for my cousin Sarah to come in, and when she did we waved and jumped up and down as she pulled into the harbor, we boated over to her, picked her up and headed into town. We did a little shoppy- shop. Went into a bunch of different T shirt stores, and we got ice cream at Mad Martha’s.

Then we stopped in at Johnny Cupcakes, I LOVE johnny cupcakes, and they had in store exclusives that were just vineyard shirts, and I wanted them all, but I didnt get them all. I got a ANCHOR key chain, and a bumper sticker. We went into the classics, Vineyard Vines and Black Dog.

Then we walked to the green grass with the gazebo right on the water, and hung out there and enjoyed life for a bit, but not long enough.

We then went to the Sand Bar, which was a bar on the water where the ground was the sand. It was SO AWESOME. We got frozen drinks and nachos, and everything about it was wonderful.


From there we went on the Famous, Oldest Carousel, Flying Horses. It is especially fun because you catch the rings as you go round and round, and if you get the brass ring, you get a free ride, and of course Alyssa got the brass ring, and got the free ride and we all watched her go around for her free ride, it was pretty funny.


After flying horses we walked back to the boat and hung out and enjoyed appetizers just enjoyed the beautiful day.

We then walked over to Nancys/ Donovans Reef. They make the BEST frozen drinks for only 8 bucks. Cheap for the vineyard, and even around here. I got a raspberry pancake drink, and the others got , bahama mama, mango daquiri, and pina colada. Fried seafood and I got a Gyro. 


Then it was time for us to take the ferry back :(. We sat outside for a majority of the ride back and got swept away by the wind .

We had a great day, and I am looking forward to my next Vineyard Trip!