DIY Pumpkins

I found out there is such a thing as fake pumpkins that you can carve!! I went to Michael’s and Jo-anns and waited until these pumpkins were 70 % off. I felt so much pressure trying to decide what to carve them into, since it was permanent. Then  I thought if I just added simple things to them, I could change them every year!!

Martha’s stewart stuff was all 70% off which is amazing because her stuff is WAY overpriced. I bought what I could call a “pumpkin sock” in a pack of three. I Squeezed one over the big orange pumpkin, I am not sure if I am happy about how it came out, but I like it for now.

She also had bedazzled letters on sale, which I purchased an S for my last name. Placed that on a big white pumpkin.

For the small white pumpkin I created it myself. I created a chevron print, using a ruler I measured squares, then drew diagonal lines. I filled the lines with glue and then sprinkled it in glitter. Together the pumpkins even though all very different look pretty good! Next year If I get sick of the patterns I can take them off and carve them! OR re decorate!



INSPIRE- My classroom Project

I saw an idea on Pinterest, where somebody took the letters “READ.” and covered them with pages from a Dr. Suess book. This got me thinking, how could I apply this idea to my classroom? I had a big window sil where I could place the letters, I just had to pick a word. Since I am a speech pathologist assistant, I knew READ wouldn’t be appropriate, and SPEAK was pretty silly. haha. So I immediately thought of The book “Ohh the Places You’ll Go.” Which was book that my mom gave me for high school graduation. Then I read it to my brother on the day of high school graduation, and again on my college graduation.

The book Inspires me, so I thought what a great word to have covered in pages of Dr. Suess. This would serve as a daily reminder that my life has come full circle, I am now teaching Dartmouth children, when I myself was a product of Dartmouth Schools. It would inspire me to give the children I service the tools to succeed. 98 % and 3/4 Guaranteed.

Block Letters
Dr. Suess Book
Modge Podge
Paint Brush
Razor blade

I began with buying block letters that could stand on their own from They were 1.88 a letter, I couldn’t beat the price. I bought a used copy of the book off

I decided to go in order of the book. The first letter “I” is the title of the book, and the last letter is one of the last pages of the book.

To begin, I ripped out the page, from there I flipped over the letter and traced the letter onto the page. I cut out the letter and applied modge podge onto the letter and carefully placed book page onto letter. I repeated for the next letters.

Then I noticed some edges were not lined up perfectly, the page would go over the letter. This is when I took the razor blade and trimmed the edges. Then I modge podged over the top, to make a smooth protector coat.

It came out wonderfully! People have already asked to make me letters for them!
There are so many combinations to do this project, maybe you can use multiple Dr. Suess books, or any books at all!




Bubble Gum Machine? or Fish Tank?

This I saw online last year:

The How to:

Fish Tank Bubble Gum

and the second I saw it I wanted to do it so bad!!! I was kind of nervous because it had a lot of things I did not know about. First of all I would have to gut a gum ball machine, while my dad could help me do this I dont like asking for help.

Then globe cutters? I dont think we have one around here, and if we did I really didn’t feel like going through the trouble of getting glass cut for my fish tank, sounded to difficult.

But I knew this would look so cute in my dorm room for senior year! I was determined to find easier ways to do it.

Ebay: sometimes can be your crafting best friend. I found an old gumball machine FOR FIVE BUCKS! That was in PIECES! Perfect, I wouldn’t have de-assemble it, or rip things out, and I could throw away the parts I wasn’t going to use.

It was an old ugly looking gumball machine and I am not a fan of red, so I ran to Michaels and picked up aqua spray paint.   ( The kind that would stick to metal) Spray painted the whole base. It took a few coats for that nasty red to be hidden, and I probably should of used primer.

At michael’s they have circle mirrors all in different sizes. I actually found one that fitted the base of the globe! No glass cutting necessary!

Aquarium Sealant.. I know pet-co is expensive, and I thought if it was sealant and glass sealant would work, wouldn’t have to be “aquarium”. I went to home depot and picked out sealant that was water proof, and made to bind glass together. This stuck worked really well, and fun fact, we used it to glue our broken futon together in college. haha. college.

I then neatly glued the mirror to the base of the globe. I let it dry, for a while, then added water and the water leaked, so I did it again, this time much more messier, because the bottom was going to be covered by rocks. DUH! So I put an EXCESS of the sealant on, because this whole waiting for it dry, then filling it with water and waiting for it to leak thing was annoying and time consuming.

For the rocks: Pet Co has rocks, but they were ugly and expensive. They also had sea glass, expensive, so I walked over to Michaels ( right next to petco) Seaglass was 4.99 a bag. Why am I gonna pay five bucks for something my fish is gonna poop on? So I went to Christmas Tree Shop and got sea glass for a dollar a bag. Thats more like it.

Heres my version of the fish tank with Rio inside.

I did buy the plant from petco, had no choice. I got a regular male fish, he was blue, so I named him Rio after the movie Rio. And the Rio theme song is really fun to sing when we fed him. He was a great addition to our senior year and he lived the whole year, until I took him home in May and had surgery and my mom was taking care of him and over fed him. :(

I then bought a new fish later in the year it was a baby beta and put her in a regular tank. On my birthday both Pipa and Rio wrote me birthday cards. In the shape of post its pictured here: Pipa’s was all scrimbles because, she’s just a baby:

Since Rio died, and I moved home it was time for a new fish.

I updated the tank too with some new sea glass and a new plant.

The new Fishies name is Olympus, because I got him on the Day of the Closing Ceremonies on the Day of the Olympics.  Hes a really feisty fish and I hope he lasts a while! I love having a fish in my room to watch swim around, its so relaxing and cool.

Here is the updated version with Olympus Inside:



“Ombre” Dresser Drawers

So I found this one last summer before my pinterest days. I may have found on tumblr, or stumble upon, heck even etsy. I just knew I wanted to do it Desperately!

I had painted one accent wall in my room a dark teal, and I knew I would eventually paint the other walls a lighter teal, Which I recently did:

Heres some pics:

ImageThe Green Walls.

ImageNow an all teal room! bad pictures but you get the hint.

So the idea for the drawers is that the top drawer would start as a light teal/aqua and get darker with drawer until the bottom drawer which would just be the wall color.

So I grabbed the wall color paint, and added a tiny bit of it to a large cup of white paint. Making the first lightest color.

Again none of this is technical, I never am, if thats kind of person you are, then again, this isn’t the blog for you! haha!

So I painted the lightest color onto the first drawer, and from there, its pretty easy, I used that same cup, of light color and added a bit more of the original dark teal & painted the second drawer, same for the third and fourth. This process is very easy, you just have to make sure the color is darker than the drawer before, and you can always add more white!

Always add dark color to the lighter color with mixing paints. 

But always add dark to light, It only takes a small amount of dark color to make a difference where it takes A LOT of white paint to make a paint lighter. Theres a tip you can take home with you, in-less you want to spend endless amounts of money on white paint.

The last drawer I painted in the original Wall color and all the knobs in this color as well. However it would be kind of cool to do the opposite fading pattern on the knobs, but I am not THAT crafty.

Overall this was a success, a craft I just saw a picture of and figured out how to do on my own, so I was pretty proud!!