Steak Asparagus Wrap

So I saw a picture of this online and just tried to re create it myself. I went to Stop and Shop and looked for thinly cut meat, which was only like 2.63 for five pieces, which completely blew my mind, what a great cut of meat of a college budget, I also picked up a bundle of asparagus, not as cheap.

Used my skillet with coconut oil of course, and spiced the meat with random spices I found in my cupboard, I think Slap Ya Mama, and blackened spices.  I also added chopped onions for the aroma and taste. Meanwhile I coated the asparagus lightly with olive oil and salt and baked them in the oven on a tin foil covered cookie sheet for about 20 minutes.

When the steak was done I took three or four asparagus, and wrapped them with steak, holding them in place with tooth picks.

The steak was not as flexible as I was hoping, and it didn’t cover much of the asparagus. Next time I will look for a little bit different cut of meat, it tasted good, and it was fit my Paleo Diet, so I was happy. My mom liked it too.

I will call this one a half way Success.

Zucchini and Sweet Potato Fritatta

Saw this:


HAD to try. Simple and Easy Paleo Dinner. BTW I am on day 16!!

So I added in mushrooms to this mix, but just a little bit. I skipped the green peppers, and the parsley, who actually likes parsley??

This came out so TASTY. The sweet potato really helped it because without it you would be like.. where is the sugar? the milk? the cheese? Didn’t need any of it! so tasty! Great Paleo Dinner.

It was so good I forgot to take a picture before we devoured it: Heres what was left




Good Idea…in Theory

So I have a lot of Kale in my garden, and I love kale and wanted new ways to eat it. So I looked for pinned recipes to try. Found a bunch! I wanted kale as a side dish for a grilled chicken meal I was making for My brother and his friend who are staying with me while my parents are away in MI.

I love the fact that I can just walk out to the garden, and get kale.

So I made this:

Simple Kale 

I chopped my onions tighter, used more garlic, because I love garlic. And had to use water because I had no vegetable broth. I didn’t use any lemon, I wanted an all kale taste baby. And you know what, this recipe wasn’t all to hard at all! It actually turned out looking like this:

But then I got a not so brilliant idea.  To then make these,

Spinach Burgers 

But I would replace the spinach with my freshly cooked kale! Brilliant I thought! What could go wrong-… oh maybe everything.  I had all the ingredients on hand and made the patties as the recipe said but just went easy on the red pepper flakes becuase I am not a spicy girl at all. So the patties formed well as I loaded them into my pan. but THEN. they began to burn, break apart, and become a huge huge mess.

I am guessing that it was the oil that I used to cook the Kale in made the kale not the right consistency to be used in the burgers. Only half of the patties got cooked, and when I say cooked I mean burnt. But it didnt stop me nor my cousin from picking at them and finishing them off.

So all and all, I will cook Kale again, because I enjoyed it as a side dish, but next time I will skip subbing the kale for spinach in these crazy spinach burgers.