The All American Pie

I found this recipe on pinterest and I chose it because I wanted a different take on the classic red white and blue desserts but something still red white and blue. This was fun to make and easy! I wish that I didn’t have to use pie filing because I have strong feelings against it. BUT it is the only way to obtain the visual that you want. Thank you for the inspiration!


  • Cherry Filling
  • Blueberry Filling
  • Ready made Pie Crust
  • Fresh Blueberries
  • Fresh Strawberries

For stripes part of pie mix cherry filling with free sliced strawberries.  For the “stars” portion mix  a can of blueberry pie filling and about a 1/4 cup of fresh blueberries.

Create a corner with tin foil so that fillings do not mix together. This creates clean lines, to see both red and blue. I removed the tinfoil and then added some stars and stripes,

Bake  at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes then turn the oven down to 375 degrees and continue baking for 45 minutes or until golden brown.


“Fun in Da Middles”?

Okay, so when I first saw these at the grocery store, I was like EWW, wtf is this world coming too? Then one day I felt the need to try them, to see what they were. For those not familar, here is the box, and I am not even entirely sure if they sell them anymore because I haven’t seen them around in a while.

I bought the chocolate kind, and they were quite easy to make. But the story is WHY I was making these delish little things.

So I have two presh little chicken nuggets I call them, Audrey and Amy, and they are my baby cousins, Their mom, Pam was pregnant with a little boy. He due right around Amy’s birthday. The day before Amy’s birthday Pams Dr. said that she would be having the baby most likely the next day, so Amy was staying at their grandmothers house, who is my aunt and next door neighbor. I was a little bit nervous for Amy that her third birthday would be over shadowed by the birth of her brother, and since the only thing she was asking for was balloon cake ( not even toys) I decided to make her some balloon cupcakes and some cute t shirts.

Turns out Mommy didnt have the baby for ANOTHER FIVE DAYS, and got to celebrate her birthday with her. So we had cupcakes at 9 am and it was just a grand old time. And the Fun in “da” middle, tasted a lot like a hostess cake, and actually was pretty tasty.


Stubborn baby Adam


Three years old,

Amys shirt read: Three Years old on the back it said and a big sister!

Audreys said on front : Big sister and on the back it said: …again