Bourbon Steak Marinade

Another Disney favorite, from the Yachtsman Steakhouse. This marinade was super easy to make and pretty tasty. I only used half of the water because it didn’t fit in my bowl! I marinaded over night. I threw them on the grill and served them with the Scallop Potatoes .  Definite recommend for a different kind of marinade!

1 Cup of Jack Daniels

4 cups of water

2/3 cups Soy Sauce

3/4 cup Brown Sugar

1 cup of pineapple juice

Sirloin Tips

Marinate steak or fish for 24 hours in refrigerator. Grill steaks to desired temperature.


Bubble Gum Machine? or Fish Tank?

This I saw online last year:

The How to:

Fish Tank Bubble Gum

and the second I saw it I wanted to do it so bad!!! I was kind of nervous because it had a lot of things I did not know about. First of all I would have to gut a gum ball machine, while my dad could help me do this I dont like asking for help.

Then globe cutters? I dont think we have one around here, and if we did I really didn’t feel like going through the trouble of getting glass cut for my fish tank, sounded to difficult.

But I knew this would look so cute in my dorm room for senior year! I was determined to find easier ways to do it.

Ebay: sometimes can be your crafting best friend. I found an old gumball machine FOR FIVE BUCKS! That was in PIECES! Perfect, I wouldn’t have de-assemble it, or rip things out, and I could throw away the parts I wasn’t going to use.

It was an old ugly looking gumball machine and I am not a fan of red, so I ran to Michaels and picked up aqua spray paint.   ( The kind that would stick to metal) Spray painted the whole base. It took a few coats for that nasty red to be hidden, and I probably should of used primer.

At michael’s they have circle mirrors all in different sizes. I actually found one that fitted the base of the globe! No glass cutting necessary!

Aquarium Sealant.. I know pet-co is expensive, and I thought if it was sealant and glass sealant would work, wouldn’t have to be “aquarium”. I went to home depot and picked out sealant that was water proof, and made to bind glass together. This stuck worked really well, and fun fact, we used it to glue our broken futon together in college. haha. college.

I then neatly glued the mirror to the base of the globe. I let it dry, for a while, then added water and the water leaked, so I did it again, this time much more messier, because the bottom was going to be covered by rocks. DUH! So I put an EXCESS of the sealant on, because this whole waiting for it dry, then filling it with water and waiting for it to leak thing was annoying and time consuming.

For the rocks: Pet Co has rocks, but they were ugly and expensive. They also had sea glass, expensive, so I walked over to Michaels ( right next to petco) Seaglass was 4.99 a bag. Why am I gonna pay five bucks for something my fish is gonna poop on? So I went to Christmas Tree Shop and got sea glass for a dollar a bag. Thats more like it.

Heres my version of the fish tank with Rio inside.

I did buy the plant from petco, had no choice. I got a regular male fish, he was blue, so I named him Rio after the movie Rio. And the Rio theme song is really fun to sing when we fed him. He was a great addition to our senior year and he lived the whole year, until I took him home in May and had surgery and my mom was taking care of him and over fed him. :(

I then bought a new fish later in the year it was a baby beta and put her in a regular tank. On my birthday both Pipa and Rio wrote me birthday cards. In the shape of post its pictured here: Pipa’s was all scrimbles because, she’s just a baby:

Since Rio died, and I moved home it was time for a new fish.

I updated the tank too with some new sea glass and a new plant.

The new Fishies name is Olympus, because I got him on the Day of the Closing Ceremonies on the Day of the Olympics.  Hes a really feisty fish and I hope he lasts a while! I love having a fish in my room to watch swim around, its so relaxing and cool.

Here is the updated version with Olympus Inside: