My totally awesome 90’s party!

This year I was turning 25. I wanted to do something fun and different. Since I am always head of the party curve I decided to throw a 90’s party. Not many of them have been thrown, it’s all about the 80’s right now, but pretty soon everyone will follow suit with a good 90’s party. This means I had to come up with my own decorations. I googled and pinterested everything 90’s I could, and there isn’t much out there!! (and yes I planned my own party because I have control issues)

Since I was born in 1990 it is the first decade I have lived all the way through. So the 90s  memorabilia was different from maybe what other 90’s memorabilia someone may have. It was a greater portion of my childhood the 90s, and when people arrived at the party I wanted them to feel like they stepped back into their childhood. Most of the things I had were children centered.

First thing to throwing a party is WHERE?  I went on and found a house that was reasonably priced and was willing to let me host a party. (hard to find). It was on Cape Cod so it was the off-season; I thought it would be nice to people to be able to get away for the weekend. I calculated how many people would go, and then divided that number by the price, it came out to 30 $ per person per night. Can’t be beat!

I read all those buzzfeed articles about 90s toys, 90s clothes. The first step I took was to go through my own things,  I found my 90’s beanie babies collection. SCORE! I picked a few because I couldn’t possibly bring them all. I found an old polly pocket J. My happiest find was old NSYNC magazine clippings I once had taped to my wall. Next step was to raid friend’s attics. My best friends grandmother had a WORKING furby. Along with Toss across, twister, nickelodeon magazine, and a stuffed pickachu. One of my friends had a working bop it!


Next step was to turn to Ebay for the things I couldn’t find around. I purchased so many little cheap things, Floppy Disk’s for coasters. I bought toys on eBay that I couldn’t find in my closet or friends, sky dancers! Extra posters, I needed some Brittney Spears and some more NSYNC. Those pesky pogs that nobody knew what to do with! I also bought cassette tapes that I made decorations with.


Can you see the banner in this picture? Also a few small 90s images.

To make cassette tape decoration I used neon spray paint I had hanging around my house, the kind dads use for construction things. I spray painted them different colors and then strung them on a string I made a few to put around the house, it was super simple!

I also had a few purchases to make from Michaels. One essential, fuzzy posters. I had them hanging around the house so people could color them at their leisure. This was a hit. I also bought gel pens and blank cards so people could make me birthday cards with gel pens :). also! some 90s feel temporary tattoos


Amazon- I purchased a few things from amazon such as neon table clothes, neon plastic ware, and neon happy birthday napkins. I also found a pound of warheads from there too! (Anyone want a warhead? I few hundred left over)

To make my 90’s photobooth I had purchased 90’s fabric from Etsy. I had my friend who is a graphic designer make silly signs people could hold up. They said things like ” Hit me baby one more time,” “Getting jiggy with it,” ” Alll that” “Boo ya” Other various funny signs. I set up my camera on tri-pod to make it really authentic, the pictures came out so funny, and it made it easy to set a self timer and to get everyone in the booth.


I printed a few images from online to have little touches around the house, an imagine that said I love the 90’s and the bayside tigers image from Saved by the Bell.z,


I went through old photo albums and found pictures of me from the 90’s. I tried to find the most ridiculous ones. I matted them with neon paper. I use the di-cut machine at work and cut out letters that said ” The 90’s were good to me.” This was a fun personal touch to have!


I had old dry erase boards laying around the house and found an old easel. I bought colored expo markers. We played the old game “M.A.S.H.” on it all weekend. We also used it for 90’s trivia, I got the questions for it here.


Party favors: Again Ebay killed it with this. I bought in bulk Tie-dye snap bracelets and press on earrings. Everybody had press on earrings as a kid. This was a fun thing to wear during the party and I let them take them home!

The T.V. the entire weekend never played anything but the 90’s. I really wanted people to feel like they were truly in the 90’s. We watched early seasons of boy meets world, Mrs. Doubtfire, Free Willy, Matilida and Shawshank redemption.

As for the music, I googled every article about good 90s music and spent hours downloading songs onto my Ipod, the playlist when it was finished was 5 and half hours. Its a crucial part of the 90s atmosphere.

I made sure that my party had a hash tag, to be used for any pics posted for the weekend and that made it all the more fun! Check it out #lindseys90s25th

The food: I had warheads, ring pops (purchased at Sams) capri suns! Who knew that capri sun would be so good with vodka. I wanted dunk aroos but they were impossible to find, and I dont think that pinterest dip tastes anything like it.


The cake: this recipe is literally from Nickleodeon magazine.


Savers: Killed it. Even though it was from 2000 you know I actually found a BOXED J.C. Chaze no strings attached doll? The VHS were 99 cent each, and buy 5 get one free. I used the VHS for decoration because the house didn’t have VHS player. 11035502_10203854300698304_4010608610486538750_nThe biggest requirement of all for a 90’s party is ensuring that everyone dresses 90s. This was without a doubt the best part!! I bought most of my clothes from savers. I found socks with lace around the ankle at payless. I found jelly shoes on ebay and I regret every buying from this company. Horrible customer service. I found my scrunchies and butterfly clips on ebay as well.

Overall this was an amazing party and I know we will be talking about it for years to come!


Small steps to Organization

WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THOSE SPICES IN MY CABINET. I have been cooking a lot because of Paleo Lifestyle. Requires cooking every meal. The crazy mess of spices in the cabinet was driving me NUTS.

I wish I took a before picture, but it was very hard to find the spice you needed when they were all shoved into one shelf, and looked the same.


I went to Walmart, (checked target but they had nothing) and picked up drawer organizers. For cheap, they came in three packs. At target I got neon dot stickers. I just wish they came with more colors!

Took all the spices out and wrote what they were on the TOP lid. why don’t companies do that already? I then organized them into groups of five. I took the color dots and put them on the bottom of the spice, that way we know where to put them back!

I placed all the groups into their own organizer, which was color coded.

Then made a list on the side of the cup board of what every spice. With the color sticker next to it so you could find it!

Successful Organization

Update: My cupboards have been jam packed as long as I Can remember. We have very old tupperware and a million other things in our cupboards that we don’t use anymore. Time to organize.  Heres the before of one of the cabinets I did:


The biggest problem was finding proper lids to the proper tupperware. We have multiples of many things but I decided to only keep what we had enough lids to. So we had about 8 bowls, but only 4 lids, I took out the other four bowls. Same with mason jars. There was tupperware in there I never knew we had. Another problem was my mom was using large tupperware to store smaller tupperware, so there was no point in owning the large tupperware because it was stuffed with smaller, and no one was going to empty it to use it. So this had to change as well. Again, heading to Walmart and using the cheap small organization bins they have can make a world of a difference. I also just got rid of any tupperware that was warped, if its to hard to put on the lid, I am not going to use and neither is anyone else. The after:


I also emptied out the lazy susan, and two other cup boards, there were so many things in there we didn’t realize that we didn’t need. Such as christmas mugs, candles, servers, presents my parents received from their wedding. Silver bowls, silver servers, Air popper popcorns, old coffee machines, Things that you over look everyday because they are covered with other things. We made a huge pile to donate. Now I have a great understanding of what we actually have in my kitchen and now I can USE that stuff in the future!! It is exciting, because some of the tupperware things will be really handy. Such as the pickle container hahaha.

Quote of the day: You never know what you have…until you clean your house.

Pumpkin Blankets

So If you remember , I made these before, and they were BOMB.

Apples in a Blanket

So simple so Easy, But as I said I wanted to try pumpkin.. so I saw something on pinterest that wasn’t an actual recipe that said mix pumpkin and cream cheese.

So I grabbed my four year old cousin and we began baking. I mixed One can of pumpkin, and 3/4 bar of cream cheese. I also had two cans of pillsbury rolls.

Right off the bat I could tell it was too much filling. Just like the apple ones, so you could really double the tubes of  crescent rolls and buy 4.

It also…didn’t taste good. So I had some brown sugar, some white sugar, some cinnamon, some nutmeg.. was not improving, then  I added more brown sugar. I realized, it was as good as it was going to get, began putting a spoonful on each roll, rolled them, then handed them to my cousin who rolled them in cinnamon and sugar. She was making them quick “for all her customers.”

I baked them and when they came out they looked tasty. Now, they were alright. And there were none left over after the party, but they just weren’t GREAT. Like the apples. I decided that next time skip the cream cheese. It would taste much better. My aunt said she would like them for breakfast. They were tasty but not pumpkiny tasty. So although they passed family inspection ( I was even asked for the recipe) By my standards it was a …


Tee Shirt Quilt

All through high school I was given tee shirts all the time! Every season of color guard we would receive a shirt with the shows theme on the front and all of our names on the back.

As I went into college, I was getting more free tee shirts, because in college, free tee shirts is just a way of life.

My drawers were filling rapidly with shirts I didn’t wear anymore, but I couldn’t throw them out.

What to do, what to do. T SHIRT QUILT.

So I asked for the help of my grandmother, because I could not find a tutorial online, I knew we could figure it out together.

I grabbed all the my t shirts, even my Kindergarten DYSA shirts.

I made a template out of cardboard (rectangle shape) that fit the designs of all my shirts, I used this to trace on all the shirts, and then cut them out. Some shirts I used both the front and the back so I had to cut them twice.

I then arranged on the floor how I wanted it to look, in rows and columns.

I took the first row of shirts and sewed them together on the sides. I did this five times so I had five rows.

Next we took rows and began sewing them together, Row one to Row two, and so on.

Once this was finished we had the base for the quilt. We measured this making extra four inches all around, and went to Jo ann’s to pick out fabric I liked.

We also picked out the stuffing that goes in the middle, IDK the technical name for it. haha.

We placed the stuffing down the sewed around the edges to attach the back to the front.

I did this so long ago that I can’t think of all the techniques and tricks but I just wanted to show everyone mine!