DIY Halloween Costumes 2014

This year I convinced all 3 kids to let me make their halloween costumes. I showed them a few ideas on pinterest and let them pick. Audrey picked that she would like to be Minnie, and we decided that means Adam could be Mickey. Amy picked popcorn. So here began the DIY Process.

The Popcorn

I drove around to several stores looking for a box, a single box, you wouldnt think it would be that hard to find, between Walgreens, CVS, Cumberlands, New England Farms the final winner was a small convenienceĀ store in Freetown.

I cut hole for Amys head and arms.

I bought white duct tape and red duct tape. I covered almost the whole thing in white, and then went over in red stripes. I was one strip short and was upset when I had to buy whole new roll to cover that part!

Once that finished, I popped pop corn and bought popcorn flavoring butter, to make the pop corn appear yellow. You could use microwave popcorn, but I found it cheaper to pop on stove with kernels

I began to hot glue pop corn all over the top of the box. I bought a winter hat from walmart for 98 cents, and covered that with popcorn using hot glue as well!

I printed the label to a pop corn box online, and taped it on both sides.

Amy loved her costume, although she did say it was a bit heavy and it was hard for her to fit through door ways!


I started with making the Tulle Tutu. The first mistake I made was that I purchased the tool from Jo-annes fabrics. Which mean I had to cut all the strips!! My recommendation to you is too buy the ROLLS! They make rolls of tulle in the appropriate width at any craft store. I used satin ribbon and looked up a basic tutorial on how to make no- sew tutu. I

Then I cut white fabric to polka dots and fabric glued them onto the skirt. I’ve found the cheapest kind of glue works the best. Forget fabric fusion, its the no- sew all the way.

We bought a leotard and tights from Walmart. The ears I had from the ship.

To make the yellow shoes- I bought plain white canvas shoes from Walmart for both Mickey and Minnie. I bought a packet of yellow dye, followed the directions, and dyed their shoes in the sink! The color doesn’t stick to rubber so they came out great. It didn’t stick to the laces either.


Same thing we bought black shirt and black tights. Mickey’s mom found red shorts on clearance and sewed them to his size. Then cut out white dots and glued them on. The ears we also found at Walmart too. WHite gloves were from walmart too!

It was all very inexpensive!