My first attempt at String Art

I wanted to try string art, and so I came up with a little present I could send my cousin.

She lives in Michigan and I live in MA so I thought I could do both states with a cute quote.

I started off with tracing the states from the computer and cutting those out, and then using them to nail around. Of Course I recommend “anchoring” the picture with a few nails around. 

My materials I used were nails my dad had in the garage. Some people use fancy craft store nails but I didn’t find it necessary. I think the trick to the nails are to have a big head and short body. 

I painted a old piece of wood for the base. 

The string I used was not the thin kind of string some people used. I just bought a bag of the string you make friendship bracelets out of. 

Then the nailing process began, I just put nails as close together as they could be and to be honest it was exhausting. Once both states were nailed, I ripped them off the board. 

There is no rhyme or reason or pattern as to how I did it, I started with a knot to begin and rolled with it. Whatever looks good go with, I did no exact pattern, some people don’t cross over but I saw do whatever you think looks good! 

I finished it up with some paint, but using carbon paper my dad gave me I was able to trace a nice font and transfer it to my art and then paint over that. 

I sent it to my cousin in Michigan for christmas and she loves it. I am so happy!!!! I look forward to making more string art for different reasons! 




Smitten with the Mitten

Recently I traveled to Michigan to visit family out there. I had such a wonderful time I would like to share with everyone! I had an extremely long lay over time and travel day, and that was Exhausting!! But I finally made it to Holland Michigan at 728 p.m. after leaving my house at 730 that morning. My cousin chris picked me up and it was very weird because he has a grown up job, and his own apartment  and the last time we really spent time together was in high school in the marching band. haha. (since he went to college in Ohio).

The next morning Chris left me a note and I was left to explore holland on my own. He lives four miles away from downtown, and I had no idea where I was going but I was determined to be a good traveler and find it all on my own!!! I rode into town crossing a highway, train tracks and everything else  I stopped and took pictures along the way. Holland is known for its tulips, but obviously no tulips were in bloom. This was the first time ever I visited Michigan in the Fall.

So it was really  cool to see all the nice foliage. I locked up my bike to a rack, and then roamed around. I met my cousin for lunch at the cutest little cafe EVER. I got a toasted chicken salad sandwich, and apple cider donut. Except they forgot my apple cider donut at first and then gave me THREE for the mistake. I mean come on people, I was trying to be somewhat good. hahaha.

The cafe had antique tables and chairs, all mismatched and just had the best atmosphere. I then spent the afternoon going into all the shops downtown had to offer. Downtown Holland is the CUTEST downtown I have EVER been too. Everything is so kept up, clean and charming. There was not a tacky store in sight, or dirty, everything was just so cute and classy. Here are somethings I came across downtown.

Hope College is located in Holland, and as I walked from store to store I was asked twice if I was a student there. I felt so awesome, and was flattered people still thought I was a student.Holland also even has a fireplace on the sidewalk in their downtown area. how presh!!!

For dinner we drove to my aunts house in South Haven where I spent the next night. We had a lovely chicken dinner and then, spent some time with family. I made blue and yellow jello shots for the upcoming game!

Friday morning I spent with my grandfather. He is such a funny man and I was excited to get to spend some one on one time with my G-papa. He is a business man, and never stops of thinking of business, he showed me all his business adventures, and how he’e made all his deals, and all the houses he’s built. The morning I was there he had a friend looking at cars for him in Pennsylvania  so that was exciting for him as well.

We drove around South Haven, my favorite town, where my mother grew up. It was weird to see it in the off season.

We visited my Aunt Emmy, and went to My moms houses she grew up in as a child.

We went to my grandparents old house, one I have great memories of as a child. He also had an antique mall on the property, which is still up and running by someone else and it was very cool to go here as well.

We then went to his new business venture, which is a storage area that he has renovated and made beautiful! He has a little office inside of it as well, with many antiques, and when we were leaving he said hold on one second I just need to clean the place, and whips out this old, old vacuum, that actually works!

We then had lunch at McDonald’s  where he goes everyday and they even know his order there and usually have it ready when he walks in. I mean it can’t get any more precious. We had a lovely day and I am so happy I got to spend quality time with my Grandpa!

After my time with G-papa My aunt and I headed to Detroit to pick up my mom from the airport.We walked around Ann Arbor eating fro yo and buying michigan apparel for game day. Chris met up with us later in the night, and then we seperated with parents. We decided that we needed rain gear because the game day forecast was rain. I wanted to go get boots from the local store, we went around 12 am and turns out our parents were there too. That was pretty funny running into them, I have size 11 feet, so the cute michigan boots didn’t fit me. the only thing in my size were “Tingley Rubbers” which were rubber outsides that went over my shoes.


Saturday morning was game day and was we expected the weather was crappy. Light rain and a little bit chilly. My mom and Aunt Coleen arrived looking as nerdy as ever. It was pretty funny. We set up the “tailgate” which was inside, sloppy Joes, fruit, chips, dips, all the good stuff. We indulged in jello shots, peppermint patty shots, rum and orange juice, and I promptly threw up. I rallied though and soon enough we headed out to the game. We all had poncho’s and I greatly appreciated the beauty of the poncho, they are just an awesome invention. We walked through tail gate parties, where my mother was hit on. (ew). Came across the drum-line outside the stadium and followed them into the stadium. That was fun, and made me miss colorguard.


It was homecoming weekend at University of Michigan. At the beginning the had all winning University of Michigan Olympians on the field, that was cool, and the alumni band and cheerleaders which was just funny.  We had awesome seats, and we danced and just had a great time at the game. There is a lot of traditional things they do at the game that was cool to see. My favorite was the slow motion wave. Whenever Michigan scored the student section would pick up the smallest girl next and hoist them up and down for every point. The score was 40 something to zero, so I am sure it got very tiring for them.


We were so exhausted from the day- drinking, standing, in the freezing rain for hours and hours on end. That night instead of going to the bars me and my cousins just layed on Erika’s bed and just chatted about life, and it was just as fun.


On Sunday we walked around Ann Arbor, and ate food, like Jimmy Johns subs, they were pretty cheap and yes, they do make them quick. Insomnia cookies, whats better? I saw a lot of the U of M campus, and Erika and I did silly things that we read from a book when we were out shopping. That night we went to the movies and I got the student discount because I still have my BSC ID ( I will be using that thing for years to come because it has no date on it of when I attended school). We saw trouble with the curve, and we loved it. JT was so AWESOME in it.


Monday I woke up and walked the neighborhood. I took pictures of almost every fraternity house I could find because I have such a fascination for them, I think they are so awesome, sorority houses as well. I loved exploring it by myself and finding my way through town. Later in the evening Erika and I went shopping and then decided to go out for the night. We went to local grocery store, and there was one of those mechanical horses and it was ONLY A PENNY. Its name was Sandy so I wanted to ride it really bad, I couldn’t believe it was only a penny. I took a picture on it and my cousin put in a penny, as soon as she put in the penny this woman came over to us and said “excuse me there is a 65 pound weight limit on that, you’re going to burn the motor out.”I was SO UPSET! My cousin said “well its a good thing she’s only 64 pounds!” hahaha. Later that night  ee went to a college bar called Charley’s. Unfortunately it was just the pub menu at this time, so we got pub food and a really cool drink called “The Bubbling Cauldron”. It was served in a huge mason jar, like HUMONGOUS and it was bubbling because there was dry ice in it. We loved it and it was super tasty. We then went to another bar, which had three dollar you call its, so basically every drink was three dollars and we took it upon ourself to try every drink we could. Cinnamon Toast Crunch which was made with Rum Chata, I love rum chata :). Dirty Bong Water, which was pretty tasty, White Gummy Bear, Superman, Key Lime Pie, Some sort of lime green and blue bomb that I didn’t like too much. We then went home and picked up paint to paint the rock! There is a rock on campus that gets painted almost every night and Erika and I decided that we needed to paint it as well. We had so much fun painting it and were laughing the entire time.



We decided to put Lindz and Erika “Were the two best twins that anyone could ever have” G-mama, Jay, an Anchor, 2012, And our states. We thought the rock looked really awesome, and I got paint everywhere. The next morning we went to go check out our rock and we put too much paint on it so almost all the words dripped down, but it was still sort of readable. We headed to lunch to the Famous Zingerman’s, where they filmed the five year engagement. They make their own bread, cheese, meat, so everything is like organic and unprocessed, which means one sandwich is fourteen dollars. But it has a really cool atmosphere, and the sandwiches cant be beaten so it was worth it.




Every time my cousin and I are together we buy underwear and then write memories on it from the trip. This time we got halloween underwear, and we wrote on it in the parking lot of McDonald’s outside the Airport.

This trip made me learn a lot about myself by spending time with the other side of my family. I am a lot like my Aunt Coleen, more than I have realized in years past. She loves to entertain, and have guests, and just by the way she set up the tail gate it was exactly how I would of have done it. I think we both take pleasure in throwing fun events and planning and decorating for them as well. My cousin Erika and I are more alike than we realize, we have the same taste, some of the same clothes, and pretty much the same life.


It was such a wonderful trip and it was fun to see Michigan in the Fall and spend some time with the other side of my family that I rarely get to see! I hope they can come visit me in MA sometime soon!