Reeses Bar- Box Mix Critique

So I know, not everyone has time to make desserts from scratch and sometimes you just need something quick to take to a party, or baked goods for a bake fair, this is where Box Mixes come in handy! But which ones are good? Which ones are bad?

Today I made Reeses Bar from a Box. This one will be a little bit difficult because I don’t eat peanut butter desserts, so I cant fully critique this.

The box comes with a ready made pan which is nice, however you still have to use a lot of your own dishes. The directions are weird  and its things you never thought you would have to do when baking.

The only thing you need is butter & water, so thats another plus to the mix, only two ingredients! One ingredient your guaranteed to have too!

So first you melt butter and water together, in the microwave, weird, and then pour the crust on top of that, but dont mix it, weirder, then you take it out, mix it, and press into the ready made pan.

After this you grab another DISH! and make the filling with more butter, filling and peanut butter. Pour that over the crust.

Lastly you take the fudge, that you warm up in a bowl of hot water, and pour it over the all the bars, and refrigerate.

The pan is small, and doesn’t seem like a lot when its in the pan.I think they give you their own pan because there is not enough ingredients to fit in a standard pan.

The family I made them for, loved them the mom was eating them and couldn’t stop! So that must be a good sign.

Overall pretty easy to make, and I would recommend to others, although it does not make it a lot, its something different to take to a party, and best of all, you don’t have to bake it!


I saw this idea on Pinterest. (obv)

The name sounded complicated but the idea was quite simple. Banana with peanut butter spread all over it, dipped in cereal, cut in circle slices to resemble Sushi. Sounded good to me and I knew my kids would love it too.

So in attempt one morning to distract the middle child from the fact that her mother was leaving I told her I’d make her breakfast sushi. She said she didnt like Sushi and I told her to trust me, that she would love mine! In the recipe it said to use rice krispi’s. But we didnt have any of those so I crushed up some frosted flakes and those tasted marvelous. You could really use any kind of cereal. One day I even used shredded all bran, which tasted good (and is healthy).

Spreading the peanut butter can be messy, and so is dipping the cereal and I use a lot of dishes, so now I am kicking myself becuase the kids ask for it every morning for breakfast now.

An up close view of the finished product:


Kat enjoying her first breakfast sushi: