The time I made 32 Crayola Crayon Costumes

In attempt to make a special Halloween, I took on making my buildings staff costumes. I had them all buy their individual shirts, give them to me and I would create them into a crayon!

I bought large spools of black felt and white felt. and Lots of Jumbo rick rack!

Our school has a di-cut machine where I cut out the letters Crayola with white felt. Then I cut an oval to fit the letters on black felt. I fabric glued the oval into the middle of the shirt.

I glued Jumbo rick rack across the top and bottom of the shirt.

I bought primary color party hats and covered the ones that needed shades that the pack didn’t come with.

Simple costumes but in large group looked great!

We had an asssembly and read the book ” the crayon box that talked” The kids loved it!