Oreo Brittle- STUPID EASY.

Okay, who likes Cookies n Creme Bars? I do. Wouldn’t they be SO GREAT as a dessert? To share? at a Party?

I think so- its a fun snack party dessert food thats STUPID easy to make, tasty, and CHEAP.

  • White Chocolate Chips
  • Package of Oreos
  • Tbs of Canola Oil

Melt the choco chips in the microwave, by the way I used Ghiradelli choco chips because they were all sale this week. But then I bought the Guaranteed One dollar Oreos. I probably should of just used the real thing, but hey, I didn’t taste a difference.

So melt them, until they are melted. you know the easy stuff. Dont forget to add a little bit of oil. Crush a package of oreos and mix them in. Except I didn’t use the whole package, mostly half. So do that. use half. I used a 9x 13 pan to spread out over the pan. I popped it in the freezer because I am impatient. Took it out and broke it into pieces. BAM oreo brittle. so fun. so tasty. so easy. I am storing them in the freezer until my Jamberry Nails Party on friday! :)





Oops I did it again-Lemon Lime Truffles

Played with your heart, got lost in the game OH BABY BABBYY. haha oopsies, 90’s kick, but really

ITS LEMON WEEK. I promise this is the last one. But to my defense, Lime is also in this dessert, and Lemon is the perfect taste of summer.

So how could you resist the urge to make these?!

Lemon Lime Cookie Truffles

Here is out they are supposed to look when finished:


Yeah right, if you read this blog before, you know this is not how my things turn out, and things ARE NOT pretty.


So I made the cookie according to the directions, but used a 8×8 pan. Didnt have a 9×9.

I also didn’t wait for the cookie to cool, I dont have that kind of time, I crumbled it right out of the oven.

Here is the BIG change, I used cream cheese frosting instead of regular cream cheese. I made the balls slightly bigger than you see in the picture


So I threw them in the freezer for a few minutes, then melted white chocolate chips and a little bit of oil, like I always use when I am melting chocolate.

I started dipping and almost ran out of chocolate, I go heavy on the chocolate, and it never comes out smooth, I gotta start buying candy chocolate. Who can actually make them like the picture above?


I froze them as the Tuesday Night Dinner Crew went out to our Dinner. Last dinner, so we decided none of us would make anything. I like them frozen, but I also want to thaw some and eat them fresh at room temp. The Lemon Lime flavor in them is so great! I could of eaten just the cookie! I also dont like the large size I made, I wish iI made them smaller more manageable to bite.